Monday, October 16, 2017

Green Tomato Enchilada Sauce {Canned}

This recipe is like a mix between enchilada sauce and salsa verde (which to be honest I don't really know the difference).  You can certainly pour this over your tacos and burritos, or use as a dip for chips.  I wanted a canned version of this recipe - a favorite when making chicken enchilada chili, and a great go to for delicious enchiladas like these ones.  However, I don't usually grow tomatillos, but green tomatoes seem to be in abundance this time of year as cold nights freeze exposed portions of my tomato plants.  I cringe at all of the green tomatoes still left on the vine, with no time to ripen, and this recipe solves my problem.

This is easy and delicious, and a great way to clean up the remaining produce from the garden.  And there is nothing like opening up a can of that garden goodness all through the winter.  Using a blender makes a big difference here - just throw it in and pulse, no need to skin, chop or dice anything.
I adapted this recipe from Our Best Bites, as well as Montana Homesteader, while still making it suitable for home canning, but you can certainly freeze this if the idea of canning intimidates you. 

Green Tomato Enchilada Sauce
9 lbs. green tomatoes, cored and rough chopped (about 24 cups)
2 extra large onions (about 4 c. pureed)
4 green bell peppers (about 3 c. pureed)
2-3 jalapeños, whole
1 1/2 c. lime juice (about 9 juiced limes with pulp)
2 bunches cilantro
2 heaping Tbsp. roasted garlic (or minced)
2 Tbsp. sugar
2 Tbsp. cumin
2 Tbsp. salt
1 tsp. black pepper

Heat a large pot over medium heat.
Puree green tomatoes and add to the pot.
Rough chop onions and puree in blender, then add to the pot and stir.
Puree bell peppers with jalapeños, then add to pot and stir to combine.
Combine lime juice and cilantro in the blender and puree.

To the pot add garlic, sugar, cumin, salt, pepper and cilantro lime mixture.
Stir to combine, and adjust seasonings as needed.

Ladle hot enchilada sauce into hot, sterilized jars.
Remove air bubbles, wipe rims, and top with sterilized lids.
Screw on bands and place in prepared pressure cooker.
Process in a pressure cooker at 11 lbs. for 20 minutes.
Be sure to adjust for altitude (13 lbs. of pressure for Utah).

Makes 13 pints.

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