Monday, July 22, 2013

Chili Stuffed Baked Potatoes

These delicious potato boats are super simple, hearty comfort food at its finest.  I mean... at its easiest.  I love these for a quick weeknight meal.  We served ours with sauteed greens and fresh fruit.

Chili Stuffed Baked Potatoes
Inspiration from Slimming Eats

4 large baking potatoes
1 can chili con carne (or whatever chili you prefer)
1 c. cheddar cheese, grated
green onions and sour cream for garnish

Bake potatoes in oven or microwave until cooked through.
Meanwhile, heat chili in small saucepan until warmed.
Once potatoes are cooked, cut in half lengthwise.
Scoop out centers of each potato, leaving at least 1/4" of potato flesh around the edges.
Discard or save insides of potatoes for another dish.
Arrange potatoes on a large baking sheet.
Evenly divide chili among potatoes.
Sprinkle cheese evenly over chili.
Place under broiler for 5 minutes, or until cheese is golden and bubbly.
Garnish with sour cream and green onions.

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