Monday, November 10, 2014

Mint Fudge Popcorn

My love affair with popcorn will hopefully be a lifetime endeavor.  This is my latest favorite.
Mint Fudge Popcorn
Recipe modified from Bru Crew

12 c. popped corn, kernels removed
1 package fudge mint cookies, chopped
1 lb. bag mini marshmallows
12 oz. bag white chocolate chips
1/2 c. white chocolate chips
green food coloring

Combine popcorn, cookies and marshmallows in a large bowl.
Melt bag of chips and pour over mixture, stirring to coat evenly.
Spread over waxed paper to cool and harden.
Melt remaining 1/2 c. chips and add green food coloring.
Drizzle over everything.
Once hardened, break into pieces.

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