Monday, March 1, 2010

Taco Soup

I love this soup!  So satisfying... and it is good alone, or with bread, or with chips... so many options.

And for a real view of what it consists of:
Taco Soup
1 lb. steak (or ground beef)
1 onion
1 quart stewed tomatoes
1 can tomato sauce
1 can kidney beans with juice
1 can pinto beans with juice
1-2 pkgs. taco seasoning (to taste)
1 can corn
1/2 - 1 bell pepper, chopped (optional)
chives (optional)
tortilla chips

On the stove-top:
Brown beef and onion in skillet until meat is no longer pink; drain any excess fat.
Add remaining ingredients and warm through.

In the crockpot:
If using hamburger, brown with onion in skillet until no longer pink; drain and add contents to crockpot.
If using steak:
Combine all ingredients in crockpot.
Cook on low 6-8 hours or on high 4-5, until meat is done.

Serve with cheese and tortilla chips.
Additional optional toppings: olives, green onions, chives, sour cream, cilantro.

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