Monday, August 9, 2010

Apricot Nectar (Bottled)

I just want to publicly say THANK YOU to my brother David for letting me come and pick all of the apricots I could ever want!
Bottled Apricot Nectar
Mason Jars, Lids and Rings

Rinse apricots in sink full of cold water.
Remove pits, and put apricots in a blender (do not skin).
Pulse 7 or so apricots until you have about 1 cup of juice (you may need to press them down into the blades with a knife... or use a potato masher... you get the idea).

Once you have a cup or so, fill the blender to the top with apricot halves.
Blend until desired consistency is reached.
Fill up jar(s), leaving about 3/4" headspace.
**Remember to leave about 1 c. of liquid in the blender to use for the next batch.
Repeat until all jars are full.

Use a knife and run it along the edges of the jars to remove air bubbles.
Make sure rings on jars are clean and chip free.
Place lids and bands on jars.

Process quarts for 25 minutes, pints for 20
Remember to adjust for altitude - Utah time is 35 minutes for quarts, 25 for pints.

To make nectar once bottled:
Combine 1 quart nectar with 1 quart water and 1/3 c. sugar.
Mix and enjoy!

**For more detailed instructions, click here.


  1. Is there enough acid in apricots to safely process this in a water bath canner or do you need to process the jars in a pressure canner?

  2. Bonnie-
    You do not need a pressure canner. You can safely process apricots in a water bath or steamer.