Monday, May 2, 2016

Canned Apricots

Canning apricots is a great way to extend the harvest all year long.  This method leaves the skin on, making it quick and easy.
If canned apricots aren't your thing, try using these to make apricot nectar - toss entire contents in a blender with some sugar and ice and you have a fantastic summer treat!
Or, you can make canned apricot nectar.

Canned Apricots

mason jars, lids and rings

In each sanitized quart mason jar put up to 1/4 c. sugar (based on taste of fruit).
Pour about 1 c. boiling water into each and shake bottles to dissolve sugar.
Wash, half and remove pits of apricots, and place halved pieces in prepared jars.
Pour hot water over apricots until jar is full.
Remove air bubbles with a knife or plastic spatula by running it down the sides of the bottle.
Steam quarts for 25 minutes, pints for 20 (do not start timer until steam in consistently coming out).
Remember to adjust for altitude - Utah time is 35 minutes for quarts, 25 for pints.

New to canning?
Peaches and apricots are very similar - click here to view my peach canning tutorial.
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