Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pita Bread

These do take a while to make, but they are pretty delicious.
We use these for all types of meals -
Stuff them with a salad, turn them into a sandwich, pile them with taco and fajita meat, etc.
Whatever you use them for, they always turn out great!
Pita Bread
Recipe from Sweet Basil 
3 c. flour
1 1/2 tsp. salt
1 Tbsp. sugar
1 pkg. (2 1/4 tsp.) yeast
1 1/4 c. water, room temperature
2 Tbsp. olive or vegetable oil

Mix yeast with flour, salt and sugar.
Add oil and water.
Stir together with a wooden spoon until ball forms.
Knead for 10 minutes.
Place dough in bowl lightly coated with oil and cover with saran wrap.
Let raise till double.

When doubled, punch down and divide into 8.
Roll each into a ball and cover with a damp kitchen towel, resting for 20 minutes to gain elasticity.
Working on a flour surface, roll each ball out about 1/8 - 1/4" thickness, about 6" in diameter.
Let rise, uncovered, until barely doubled in thickness, about 30-45 minutes.

Bake individually on a heated baking stone at 450 for 5 minutes.

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  1. Hi! I just found you on the Hive, and I'm drooling over your pita bread! I've added you to my reader and look forward to drooling over your posts~